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We have helped tens of thousands of clients lose weight!
Here are a few results from our clients, we'd love to share more success stories when you call us today.

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Karen & Mark

Lost 104 Pounds!
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  • Heart Disease and Stroke
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Cancer
  • Diabetes
  • Gallbladder Dx /Gallstones
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Breathing Problems
  • Back Pain

Reduce Your Risk

Overweight people are two times as likely to die early. Obesity is linked to the Top three Causes of death and other health problems including :

  • Heart Disease and Stroke
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Cancer
  • Diabetes
  • Gallbladder Dx /Gallstones
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Breathing Problems
  • Back Pain


This weight loss program allowed me to finally kick start my post-pregnancy weight! I like how easy it is to follow and I have never seen such fast results!


Working with Adam has made such a huge difference in sticking with this program! He is such a great motivation and has made my dream of weight loss a reality. I am getting my whole family on this program!


Brandy's Review

Brandy says,  "If I can do it, anyone can do it."

She is a full time working professional who is raising her three year old by herself at 37 years old and has had amazing results..

Check out her video to hear more about her weight loss.





368,000+ LBS


Steve's Review

Steve started at 264 pounds and got to 239 pounds after one round. He feels great going from a size 44 to a size 36 pair of pants.

He says, "This is the Ticket."

Check out his review.

Kami's Weight Loss Review

Kami is a 46 year old mom of 2 girls, a 3 year old and 9 year old. She has struggled to lose the weight after her second child by dieting and going to the gym without seeing results.

Everything changed when she found our program. Check out her video for more info.

Ben's Weight Loss Review

Ben used the program and lost 26 pounds but found, even more importantly, his ENTIRE health changed!

Check out his video testimonial for more from Ben!


Please contact us at our office to answer any of your additional questions at (646) 762-9011

Do I have to be obese?

No, we have seen success with patient's lose as little as 10 pounds!

Do I have to take pills?

No, all supplements are in liquid form, either drops or drinking the liquid nutrition and liquid fiber.

What about my medication?

Most medications will not be an issue on this program, but always consult with your physician regarding any new health program.

How long does 1 round take?

63 days. Including 2 loading days, the reduction phase & the maintenance phase, which stabalizes your weight loss long term.

Will I be hungry on this diet?

No, if you are hungry at any time, you eat approved food.

Can Diabetics do the Program?

Yes. But you MUST consult with the supervising Doctor on maintaining your proper blood sugar levels.

We make no claims that these results are representative of all participants in the weight loss program.

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